Do not let your hearts be troubled ...

Many people suffer from anxiety. People worry too much. Stress can drain us of energy and restrict us. People are always looking for ways to cope with stress and relax. We want to be calm....


Morning has broken !

Morning has broken, like the first morning … so goes the song made famous by Cat Stevens. There is a constant, even daily, ‘newness’ in life. The great enemy of life is a jaded sense...


Mass Schedule

5th Sunday of Easter A,  (18 May 2014)

6.00 pm     (saturday vigil)           fr Stephen Hutchinson
8.00 am           fr Maurice Colgan
9.30 am           fr Adrian Farrelly
11.00 am    (choir)           fr Denis Keating
12.30 pm           fr Maurice Colgan
4.00 pm    afternoon devotions