Lent in St Mary's

The Season of Lent began on 5 March, Ash Wednesday, and we are hosting a series of four evenings here in St Mary’s as part of our Lenten programme. The topic of the four evenings...


Morning has broken !

Morning has broken, like the first morning … so goes the song made famous by Cat Stevens. There is a constant, even daily, ‘newness’ in life. The great enemy of life is a jaded sense...


Mass Schedule


5th Sunday in Lent A,  (6 April 2014)

6.00 pm     (saturday vigil)               fr Denis Keating
8.00 am                               fr Finian Lynch
9.30 am           fr Denis Keating
11.00 am    (choir)           fr Adrian Farrelly
12.30 pm           fr Dermot Brennan

4.00 pm    afternoon devotions 

          fr Adrian Farrelly